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Since 2006, the Sculpture in the Park program is a stellar model of the kind of complementary association possible between civic agencies that share similar missions. In this case, the Downtown St. Charles Partnership partnered with the St. Charles Park District for a four year period, 2006-2009 to sponsor the exhibit.  From 2010 to present, the St. Charles Park Foundation, a 501(c) (3) organization, began collaborating with the Park District on the challenge of bringing this annually changing exhibition of sculptural art to Mt. St. Mary Park for the benefit of St. Charles area residents and visitors alike.

This exhibit, the most notable event sponsored by the St. Charles Park Foundation, runs May through September each year and serves a population of 51,000.

The St. Charles Park District’s statistically-valid 2021 Community Survey concluded that Mt. St. Mary Park ranked second at 86% as the most visited park trailing just a smidge behind Pottawatomie Park. The #1 reason for visiting Mt. St. Mary Park is the sculpture exhibit followed by the walking paths and river access. When asked if residents increased their park visits due to COVID, Mt. St. Mary Park was the #1 park repeatedly visited. And 30% of women identified it as their top destination.

This event’s purpose is to raise awareness of the sculptural arts and the beautiful parks in downtown St. Charles. The Foundation strives to provide striking sculptural works with substantial breath and depth in both subject matter and media for audiences to discuss, think about and enjoy.

The Sculpture Committee makes an effort to solicit funds to not only compensate the sculptors with a stipend but to also be able to annually acquire a piece of sculpture from the exhibit for permanent display in Mt. St. Mary Park.


2006 - At The River's Edge by John Kobald (sculptor donation)
2007 - Interim X by Brice Niemi
2008 - Natural Wonders by Michele Moushey Dale
2009 - Nice Pear by local artist Ray Kobald
2010 - I've Been Kissed by Pokey Park
2011 - Color of the Day by Dennis Frazen (sculptor donation)
2012 - Funds were not available to make a purchase
2013 - Mr. Eggwards by Kimber Fiebiger
2014 - Maple Leaf Bench by Joe Krajkiewcz (donation)
2015 - Truth by Jane L. Davidson (sculptor donation)
2015 - Portals by Victor Nelson

2016 - Winged Figure by Fred Klinglehofer

2017 - Six Finned Rocket by Howard Russo (donation)

2018 - Sheldon Eggwards by Kimber Fiebiger (donation)

2018 - Timeless Tags by Douglas Eageny (Park Foundation project)

2019 - Ode to the Old Oak by Michael Bihlmaier (donation)

2020 - New Friends by George Lundeen (donation)

2020 - Story Time by Blair Muhlenstein (donation)

2021 - Riding High & Dry by Pokey Park

2022 - The Sentinel by Mark J. Barens (donation)

2023 - Yoga by Pokey Park (donation)

2023 - I'd Rather Be Swimming by John Kobald (donation)

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