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Self-Guided Tour

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Visitors, residents and non-residents alike, who hike, bike, stroll and skate through Mt. St. Mary Park enjoy this exhibit, nestled among the maples, oaks, and pines of a shady arboretum and with the tranquil Fox River as its eastern border.


The walking path offers perfect views for photographing these unique works of art. And, many families spread out a blanket to enjoy a picnic and a relaxing day in the park. Tens of thousands of visitors enjoy the park and its exhibit each year.

Sculptures chosen for the annual exhibit typically include large, durable artwork that is a great ‘fit’ in the park’s 29-acre expanse, while also selecting pieces in a wide range of media, including brass, steel and wood. The combination of these unique works of art, complemented by the park’s natural beauty, creates a relaxing environment for everyone’s enjoyment. 

Thousands of people enjoy the park and the sculptures annually, including school groups which find themselves making the exhibit an educational destination.

To download a park map: click here

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